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  Bucket Mould
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Bucket Mould

Among so many plastic moulds we made before, moulds for plastic warter pail,paint bucket and mop buckt is one of the most products we made before.
Why Many factory make these kinds mould are failed?
the pail mould or the bucket mould's core eccentric causing the pail wall
thickness not even and the pail out of center.
A. How to avoid the bucket mould core eccentric, caused the bucket wall thickness not even?
YOSION mould have rich experience in it.
1. if the cooling is not equal in the different area of the pail mould core and cavity, this will cause the following difference of the melted material, the more hot area flow ance will be bigger and the colder area the flowance will be smaller. then the hot area's pail wall thickness will be thicker. The temperature difference normally caused at least 0.05mm...
2.normally, the pail mould the interlock height should be 20 to 30% of the plastic pail's height, for example the smaller pail should be 20%, the bigger pail mould should be around 30% height.
3.the machining process is meaning which kind of machining should we select and what we should take care when we make the machining to the pail mould core and cavity
B. PAINT BUCKET molds comes to a success, it need very important to be well ejected smoothly, automaticly and safely,except to avoid the eccentric.
this is the topic which we should talk, as because paint bucket is different as all the other kinds of bucket, there is one undercut on the edge of the bucket mouth, and this undercut (rib) need to be strippered before it drop down.
If there is any other strength ribs on the edge of the bucket, then we need to use angle lifts to make the paint bucket mould ejection.
we have very strong technical knowledge and experience on paint bucket mould design and manufacturing
we usually use air to blow first, let the container not stick to the core and then use double ejector plates drived by hydraulic cylinders to ejector the product off the mould.
C. To make the BUCKET mold with effective cooling system, one should design the cooling system with the optimal cooling result. Good cooling system is the soul of making a high speed working crate mold.
For the BUCKET mold core, design the cooling channel up to surface 15mm below the molding surface. And the diameter of the BUCKET mold cooling channel should be more than 12mm diameter, so that the water can run flow smoothly in the channel while take away the heat from the core.
For the paint BUCKET mold sliders, also, make the cooling channel more close to the crate molding area.
For the BUCKET mold cavity cooling, also should design the best cooling for cool down the hot runner tip area.
By doing the above mentioned design of cooling channel, you can reach a standard crate molding cycle time around 45 to 50 seconds. However, we have another way to improve further cooling function. That is to apply with moldmax material for the critical area. because BeCu has good thermal conductivity. Even though, the price will be much high than mould without BeCu, but the good cooling will help make the product very beautiful.
D. good and suitable material selection for BUCKET mold
To make a high quality BUCKET mold, we need also choose the suitable steel material for the BUCKET mold. The common steel we will apply into the crate mold is 2738 for the BUCKET molding area, with HRC 33-38. And then before shipping, can make nitriding for the sliders. Then this mold can have a mold life from 1Million shots or running for 3years continuously. Also, we can suggest to use 2344 steel instead 2738, this will be a higher standard mold material for BUCKET mold, then you will get a 3million shots or running for 5years continuously.
But if someone they only request a production quantity of hundreds thousands pieces, there is no need to use that material, P20 or same standard steel can also use for a BUCKET mold.
Types Of Bucket Mold
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